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We asked a few of our current French Exchange students what it’s like to be at KIS and this was their response:

We are from the French Exchange.
We enjoy KIS because it’s a very nice school. The teachers and the dorm parents are very nice too. It’s very different in France but we really like to live here! It’s possible to do a lot of activities like sports, drama, music etc.
It’s a very interesting experience living in KIS and we would like to stay longer!”

– Hélpise Poitier and Adéle Bouilly

Middle Schoolers posters on Anne Frank

“The 8th Grade Language and Literature class hold up their completed posters on Anne Frank: A Voice of Courage. The students worked for a week on their posters after finishing the play “Anne Frank”. In them, the students brought life to a girl often seen only in black and white during a time of desolation and loss of life. The color, flowers, and quotes the students used in their posters helped shape their own ideals on how courage can be found in the hardest of times by the smallest of people. The students, on finishing the unit, found that their own definition of courage had been shaped by Anne’s ability to find beauty in the world during one of the darkest points in history.”

– Bridget Thorp

Holi Hai!


Book Launch

“Budhua” by Dr. Vishnu Sarkar was launched on the 23rd of March, 2017. He read out a few poems while translating them to English for the audience’s convenience. It was Mr. Sarkar’s first book and was tremendously appreciated by everyone.

Picture Credit: Rohit Benjamin

Kodai Open – Football

Picture Credit: Kevin McLeod

Rock Concert


Picture Credit: Sungmo Kim

Upcoming Events

March 31-April 2: Spring Music Festival

April 4: Easter Assembly

April 4: PE Awards Assembly

April 7-8: HS Drama

April 12: HS Dept Awards Assembly

April 13: Maundy Thursday

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