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Appreciating the experience and knowledge

The main criteria for evaluation at THAIMUN was the resolution. Debating the resolution prioritized the solution, rather than getting lost in the conflicts surrounding the topic. All the delegates learnt the tactics of negotiating, diplomacy and persuasion.

Competing in the New York Times Writing Competition

From the moment of the first meeting till the end of the final presentations, the enthusiasm and zeal for such an interdisciplinary project were evident in students and teachers alike.

Perspectives from the Class of 2019

We hear perspectives from two of our newest alumni from the Class of 2019, Prashant and Sophia. Their interests, passions, career choices and the influence of the KIS community on their young lives.

Mentors assist in exploring a career in Politics and Law

Mentors can be found everywhere in our lives, however, cultivating a good mentor-mentee relationship with a complete stranger can be difficult. That’s why KIS chose to ask its Alumni to be mentors. Using Alumni as mentors proved to ease mentees into that initial step towards forming a relationship.

A seed of change

Though he had a sense of gratitude for all the support, he received; the seed that was planted in his school years had now sprouted!

In memoriam of Cyclone Gaja

The evening before Cyclone Gaja, the township of Kodaikanal was placed under alert. Cyclone Gaja was going to hit the coast of Tamil Nadu. Never did the State and its people realize that it would be such an unwieldy storm.

Snapshots from the fourth quarter of the Academic Year 2018-19

We are happy to share with you some of our favorite photographs from the KIS community during the past quarter.

Mentoring into orbit with NASA Engineer Carl Engelbrecht

The KIS Robotics team asked Carl questions like if their proposal could indeed be useful in a spacecraft setting, and if he felt it would improve the sleep of astronauts. Carl provided them with guiding questions that would help seek answers that would better improve their initial design.

Working towards a better world

A range of issues were selected this year for the PYP Exhibition on the theme of 'Sharing the Planet', sustainable agriculture versus industrial agriculture, pollution, sustenance of our ecosystem, plastic and cloth waste, marine debris and nuclear waste.

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