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From the Principal…
Principal Corey ’86 (right) with Kai Weise, Council Chair ’83 (left) and Henrik Forshamn ’86

Dear Kodai Family,

We’ve had such beautiful weather here in Kodai recently…but what we really need is some rain! After many years, students and staff are resorting to bucket baths, (“it builds character” one alumni parent recently told me) and the water situation remains a constant worry. In educational terms, it is a reminder of how we depend on, interact with, and alter our fragile and precious environment—and it represents an authentic learning opportunity for our students and our community. This and future Flag Green bulletins will feature news on KIS recycling and environmental efforts. We have a lot more news to share!

Over the weekend our music students and faculty performed a repertoire of classical western music for a crowd of over 150 appreciative parents, prospective parents, alumni and friends of KIS. The evening was remarkable and highlighted the incredible talent we have at KIS; we’ll soon post videos of the performances.

Be well!




Sorting and recycling the trash that we generate at KIS and beginning pilot projects in the Kodai community – this is the recent focus of SEED, the school’s Social and Environmental Experience Department.

For the last few weeks, Grade 7 students have been visiting the huge Kodai dumpsite in Prakasapuram. Holding their noses and enduring the multitude of flies, they look down onto the mountain of unsorted trash and understand how even a small town like Kodai is contributing to the huge problem of over-consumption and waste.

Grade 6 students are visiting shops in the Kodai Budge (bazaar) to research different kinds of packaging that retailers are using.

Grade 8 students worked for two days in the back of Ganga campus, sorting recyclables in the new recycling center. They have also been cleaning up some of the junk that seems to have been there since Ganga was known as the LCA compound!

Grade 9 students cleaned up the plastic and trash left by tourists in Bryant Park.

High-school and middle-school students have been working at the recycling center at Highclerc, separating and bundling the recyclables for pick-up by the trash dealer’s truck.

KIS is engaging with 16 local schools and various local businesses to make recycling a way of life in Kodai. Stay tuned to The Flag Green for more news!


What does “Sustainable living” mean?

Nischaya Shrestha, Grade 10:  “Making choices that help or destroy my environment.”

Rebekah George, Grade 10: “Being a part of the community that I call home I am able to make a social impact.”

A KIS Celebration of Classical Music
Chamber Choir with Director, Tianna Smith

Works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn and Tchaikovsky were among the 12 pieces performed by the KIS students and staff on Saturday night in Chennai. Over 150 music lovers gathered to listen to KIS students perform for the first time in this format. It was a great evening, and the school’s chamber music ensemble and the student-led clarinet and flute quartets won accolades from the audience. The Hindu newspaper ran an article that was headlined “Music from the mountains,” which highlighted the school’s long history with western music.

“Only a school like KIS could pull off such an evening” said an audience member, Mr. Ramji.

Principal Corey addressed the crowd, saying “We want our students to experience the joy of challenge and performance and participation…[music education] helps develop them into richly textured and thoughtful human beings.”

Current parent Rakhi Kapoor said “An evening of pure soul string music. The teachers directed their students with perfection and each child that performed on stage was a prodigy. Principal Corey put the key note together – Music is about self esteem, performance, strength, challenge and team work.”

Music concert photographs courtesy Benji Krause

Bonding at Elementary School
What better definition of ‘multi-culturalism’ than understanding to ‘balance’ together while learning together.
True Grit
Mr Rudy Wuthrich, IT Manager at KIS for 15 years, won first place at “The Niligiris Ultra 2017 Race” with a timing of 6:06:26.0 for the 52K run. The course terrain includes dirt tracks, mountain roads, steep up and down hills, forest roads, mountain valleys and tea estates. Heartiest congratulations!
Tahr Camp 2017 – Rattail falls
Water Frisbee takes over, at least for the boys
Visitors on campus
Ashley Wild, former Exchange Student from Australia, visits Admissions

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