Grade 12 Camp


From the famous doughboys to the heart-warming campfire, the 12th grade camp was one for the memories. The absence of water in the lake at first caused great discord amongst our class, but we slowly realised that camp was not about the activities but rather about the people. Spending time together and strengthening a bond, which is special as we go through this last year at High School. Our Camp was in many ways so significant for each one of us.

The exhilarating zip line although moving forward, only took us back to 9th grade when we first held its cold handle. The Intense volleyball matches, that concluded with the loser’s team serving juice to the winners. The “other side” of the lake where we gazed into the distance, or ran away from bison. All these memories have been engraved into the minds of every single classmate of mine, and I have had the pleasure of sharing it with them. I am sorry, the 12th grade camp isn’t one for the memories but rather one to experience…

-Rohan Sanjith, Class of 2018