IBDP Results May 2017

Kodaikanal International School celebrated outstanding IBDP Results this May 2017. We are delighted with the remarkable performance of our students. The class of 2017 have set a new benchmark with a pass rate of 98.2% as against 79% worldwide. Four students scored a 40 and above with 43 being the highest. In addition, 63% of the students earned 30 or above.

Well done class of 2017!

School statistics:
Number of diploma candidates registered in the session: 56
Number of candidates who passed the diploma: 55
School pass rate: 98.2% (worldwide average: 79%)
School average points: 32 (worldwide average: 29.95)
Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: 43
School average grade obtained at the school by candidates: 5.04 (worldwide average: 4.7)
School average bonus points (EE/TOK): 1.95 (worldwide average: 1.14)

Santhosh Punnoose, IB Coordinator