The Hiking Season kick starts…..

After a year without ‘permits’ to hike in this region, both HS and MS hikes headed to Gundar Pool. Shocked to find a large machine built dirt road right to the Pools and on past it (preparation for a new dam that will flood the pools and both valleys, though Forest Department and Environmentalists continue to fight to stop it). The road had one benefit…no leeches. Our short cuts are still in place though only two of the knotted wattles remain. The last stretch to the pools required a fast dash. Treasures found on the journey included rollie Poochies, a bison skeleton, and a ridgeback lizard that could change colour! It was a grey day, with a drizzle around 11 o’clock that encouraged us to start back earlier than planned. Then the sun came out as we walked down observatory.

-Barbara Block, HS Coordinator