A visit to remember

At one of our first assemblies this semester, we welcomed an inspiring guest speaker to our school – Mr Amin Sheikh. Amin is a former street child turned entrepreneur who had an amazing and inspiring story to tell our students. At age 5, he ran away from home no longer able to handle his abusive stepfather. He struggled on the streets of Mumbai sleeping on platforms, doing odd jobs and stealing food, just to survive. When he was 8 he got another chance in life when he came to meet Sister Serafina and Father Place who took him to their orphanage – Sneha Sadan. He lived there for 10 years and then he decided he would start his own business. Today he owns the Bombay to Barcelona Library Café, where he employs kids from the orphanage where he grew up. The café, which is affordable for everyone, offers some small products made by street children. All of the earnings go back directly to the children.

Our students really enjoyed listening to Amin’s story and his message of perseverance, passion and the determination to live his dream. His determination and vision for his cafe is something that really struck our students and we hope they will remember Amin’s story as they embark on their own journey and dreams.
-Stephanie Cauvet, Digital Marketing Officer