Service Day at KIS

Care Day.jpg

August 04 was declared a non-instructional day at KIS so that students could commit themselves to observing CARE day (Choices, Attitudes, and Responsibilities, for Everyone). This was a great opportunity for students to engage with a multitude of activities in the campuses and around town, focusing on the environment and social issues. Kodai School is a member of the Green Schools Alliance, along with 8000 schools from around the world. The Centre for Science and Environment in Delhi, publishes an excellent environment magazine ‘Down to Earth’, which through one of its programmes, encourages students to do an Environment Audit of their school. KIS is now a part of this ongoing programme.

The day started with a presentation by Clarence Maloney at the school assembly (volunteer for Environment) He spoke about the relevance of KIS being a Green School and linked our environment consciousness to world climate change expected to occur in the lifetime of these students. Dr Rajamanikam (visiting expert working with the school and town for 3 months) also addressed our students about his work in other schools in Kodai and in the town where he is educating students and the community on recycling and better waste management.

Barbara Block, our HS Coordinator, and Mr Varghese, Head of SEED (Social and Environment Experience Dept.), organized a large number of student activities. The students set out for their assigned activities, carrying lunch and water. They worked on : composting in round cement bins using kitchen and other organic waste; the 2 school Recycling Centers; Poombari village on a clean-up drive with local school students; Poondi camp to clean up and take samples of water and soil for testing; planting sholai (native) trees; cleaning up the old cemetery and parks; and at an orphanage. In addition, 4 bus-loads went down to the Kodai dump 16 km away below Prakasapuram to see the mountain of burning trash which pollutes the stream. They took samples for testing from this water, which is used by the village folk for drinking.

On Ganga compound, our younger students started a vegetable garden and cleaned up the campus. Videos about world environment were screened on both campuses.

Students reflected on their activities and their impact, and presented some of their observations in the following Assembly.

It was a day all will remember!

-Clarence Maloney, Volunteer