Last month a delegation of 14 from KIS went to Ecole Mondiale in Mumbai to participate in the Model United Nations (MUN) conference. MUN is a platform for students who aspire to be in the field of diplomacy and public affairs. The event promotes healthy debate and diplomacy, whereby students learn how to establish their points of view and aim to convince their opponents to be their allies. The focus is to come to a common understanding to solve world issues which concern multiple parties and have the potential to harm many more. The idea is to respect the views of others, establish common goals and ensure, to the extent possible, a win-win solution for all parties concerned.

Our preparation started many weeks prior to the event, with a great deal of research work going into current affairs across the world. “It was an amazing experience for the students, as for most of them it was the first MUN conference they had attended”, remarked Sophia Rayan, the Head of Social Studies. “Many of our first timers debated exceptionally well in the conference, thanks to the tremendous amount of work they put in, along with help from our MUN Club President, Dominic, and Vice President Ishita.”

The conference had committees ranging from the Court of Shah Jahan, a historical Council, to the United Nations Security Council, the committee with the highest mandate in the United Nations. Our delegates represented various countries in nearly all of these committees. The general comment on KIS students? They were usually the most well-informed delegate in their respective committees. Our plethora of general knowledge helped us engage in fiery debates, that kept on-lookers mesmerized and often flabbergasted.

The MUN experience has the capacity to arm the quietest person in the room, with the confidence to speak up and contribute to the flow of discourse. To sum up our experience from Mumbai, we met a lot of different people, broke our voices debating and bagged two awards in the process: for Best Delegate (ECOSOC) and Best Country (Security Council – Germany).