The KIS community encourages students to have healthy dialogue, spirited discourse and raise awareness around a variety of topics. This year students taking Health from the Class of 2020, learned about various drugs, drug use, drug abuse, and their effects on our body and minds. They decided to raise awareness about different drugs/issues creatively by composing and singing songs. This was their health project for the second quarter.

They got into groups to research on a specific drug or drug-related issue, composed their own lyrics and created their own album art. Jill Samuel an alumni from the Class of 2004, now the Health teacher shared, “Some students picked a tune and sang their own words, while others chose to compose the music as well. The project on drug awareness was successful and the students put in their best effort to put together some great music for a good cause.”


The coursework and research done by the students helped them gain more information on the usage of drugs and when abused, its side effects. Providing a platform to raise awareness among the student community creatively was an enjoyable experience and opened up avenues for more fact-based conversations. The community environment provides a safe place for students to be highly informed and sensitive to drug-related issues.