Prashant Sarkar arrived in Kodai just a few days old and has remained in Kodai ever since. One could say that Prashant experienced the KIS education in all its entirety. Be it on the field or in the classroom Prashant has shown excellence.

When asked how he manages to balance academics with extracurricular activities and friends, Prashant replies, “It is difficult to balance academics, extracurricular activities, and friends, but not impossible. I find that if you enjoy something, you will find time for it.”

This year Prashant Sarkar broke the Division A Boys 400 Meter Dash record set by Henry Poetker in 1973. He enjoys the track, playing football and plays the violin. Prashant is one of those all-around students participates in everything including the Church Council and NHS and yet maintains a high academic GPA and is retained on the Principal’s list.

“My love for running, football and violin pushed me to continue to pursue excellence, despite the difficulties of doing the full IB Diploma Program. KIS has provided me with the foundations to develop myself as a student, musician, and athlete. The school community has always supported my endeavors in all areas of my life,” states Prashant.

Prashant recommends the IB curriculum as a helpful tool in preparing students for the university and the real world. “The IB not only tests our subject knowledge but our intelligence, and analytical skills. The IB provided me with the motivation to become a life-long learner.”

This year Prashant won the Ed Montgomery Cup for Sportsmanship and the Amal Ganeswaran Award for Excellence in IB. He plans to complete his Major in Mechanical Engineering in the US. Prashant also wants to pursue his passions including Film, and Track and Field.

“The one thing I will miss most about Kodai is the KIS community. The school encourages students to discover and be themselves. Because of this, we truly experience “unity in diversity”. The KIS community accepts people for who they are and appreciates each other’s uniqueness. As a result, KIS provides its students with an exciting and interesting place to grow up in.”

Sophia Mozhui came to KIS, from Nagaland, in search of its multicultural environment where students could interact and learn from each other. Sophia joined KIS, with much reluctance from her mother to send her daughter far away from home. Today, Sophia and her family have had no regrets about her decision to join KIS.

Coming from a family heritage of music, Sophia was thrilled to learn about the music program at KIS. She already had a dream to play the violin since a child. “Music has always been a constant force in my life. One day while watching the Tom and Jerry Show on television I saw, Tom play the violin. Ironically it was this scene inspired me to learn the violin since then,” recounts Sophia.

“Ever since I got a hold of my first violin it has become an extension of my body. Playing the violin always took me to another realm of freedom and expression that words could not provide. Music kept me grounded and rooted. It brought out and improved my ability to articulate my thoughts,” she continues.

“At KIS, I had one of the best violin teachers hands down! KIS gave me to the experience of playing in a school orchestra. I also became the orchestra master. Through the school’s music field trips, it gave me the opportunity to go to different places. My favorite experience includes performing at the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) music festival in Singapore,” shares Sophia.

Recently, Sophia attained the Keith Dejong Memorial Music Scholarship to use towards her passion for music. “Being chosen for such a prestigious scholarship fills me with deep gratitude. I am thankful to KIS for supporting my passion for music while I was a student here. To be awarded this scholarship has really motivated me to further pursue my hand in music.”

Sophia leaves school with mixed emotions of excitement and anxious anticipation, ready to embrace the new chapter in her college life. Sophia has committed to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, pursuing a Major in Business Administration and a Minor in her biggest passion – Music.

– Manjusha Ninan, Alumni Coordinator