– Diya Shrestha, Class of 2022

Travelling overseas had excited a group of KIS students, who were well-prepared and anxious at the same time. They were proud KISMUN (KIS Model United Nations) members who took on the challenge of being KIS ambassadors at the International MUN conference in Thailand, THAIMUN. Ms Sophia, one of the KISMUN advisors, revealed the students’ determined mindset, “Each member of the team prepared diligently and was able to learn more about MUN, other participants and themselves through this experience.”

The MUN is an extra-curricular club at schools across the world, wherein students typically role-play UN delegates and simulate various UN committees to discuss real-world issues. There were a number of international schools from across the globe that were invited to take part in THAIMUN in Bangkok. “As soon as I went inside the room I was astonished,” remarked Kevin, “but I was able to focus, remembering that participation in an international conference was a great opportunity and I soaked-in the experience.”

“This was a trip which required immense preparation and dedication. We received a lot of guidance from our seniors (Class of 2020) Abrar, Omeir and Dominik, and were able to have a successful conference,” said Arushi. Their support reflected in the event through effective research content and the confidence to deliver points from the podium, in front of a huge audience. “As Abrar coached us,” Niharika explained, “negotiating with the delegates in the room is an important component of MUN. I applied that and interacted with many other delegates. It was extremely sound advice.”

Prior to the trip, through the many hours of practice sessions, Tanvi remembers, “I was so nervous to go there. I wondered what the people might be like…Can I do this? Am I ready for this?” The main criteria for evaluation at THAIMUN was the resolution. Debating the resolution prioritized the solution, rather than getting lost in the conflicts surrounding the topic. All the delegates learnt the tactics of negotiating, diplomacy and persuasion.

Every single time I stood up to present at THAIMUN, the nerves were present, but after it ended I felt like I had done justice for the practice sessions back in school. It was ironic how a Nepali student, from another school, sat beside me and talking to her felt like home and comfortable. Umaima proudly announced, “I created my own resolution! But it didn’t pass.” with a tone of joy and sarcasm mixed together. However, she made us all proud by creating her first resolution in an international conference. The effort behind such a bold decision made us all proud.

“I got the most roasted award, I mean it’s only because I got North Korea and I had to stand up for my country you know” justifies Arman with a smirk. He proved that MUN is not a place to go with the crowd. It is where one needs defend your country with dignity and diplomacy and he was able to do so. “Being there and just being able to talk itself was a great deal for me,” realizing his capabilities, commented Gandharva.

Each student from the KISMUN delegation showed their charisma etching their own remarkable memory appreciating the experience and knowledge.

KISMUN representatives at THAIMUN were:
Umaima Babojee, Niharika Ghoshal, Gandharva Roorkewaal, Arushi Singh, Arman Sawhney, Kevin Yagappa, Tanvi Tummalapalli and Diya Shrestha.