KIS, with its rich heritage spanning over a century since its establishment in 1901, has been serving young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to become leaders the world needs. As the first school in India and the third in Asia to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, KIS students have an outstanding 40+ year track record of consistently scoring above the world average in the Diploma Programme.

The academic and holistic programs at KIS develop and nurture students to become resilient and culturally competent individuals, enabling them to contribute positively to society. Critical thinking, ethical decision making and social and emotional intelligence are hallmarks of a KIS graduate.

KIS welcomes students from a variety of academic (‘A’ Levels, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, ‘O’ Levels, etc.) and cultural (23 nationalities) backgrounds. In May 2019, 41 KIS students opted for the full IB diploma, with an additional 16 students who pursued certificates in IB subjects. This year KIS had an excellent IB pass rate of 95% (up 5% from May 2018), with an average grade above 5 and an average total-points score of 32. Results in some of subjects, such as Business and Computers/IT, were over one base point above the world average. In recent years, with the rising number of IB schools across the world, there has been a downward trend in the global average scores of the IB. KIS, on the other hand, has been consistent in the scores of its graduates since adopting the curriculum in 1976.

The curriculum and academic environment provided at KIS fosters and matures our students into well-rounded individuals, who are able to apply their knowledge and thinking long after they have graduated from KIS. All students at KIS, including those opting for the full IB diploma, are expected to be involved in the Physical Education, Music and Fine & Practical Arts programs that are offered as part of their requirements for the KIS Diploma.

Full IB Diploma students are expected to spend approximately 40 hours to complete a 4,000-word essay that includes extensive research, enhanced writing skills and enriched creativity. The sheer range of topics that students choose for the IB Extended Essay is a direct reflection of our diversity. Last year, for example, a KIS student selected an inter-group topic (Group 3 & 4 – Humanities & Sciences) on World Studies & Environmental Sustainability that explored the effects of agro-fishery on a region’s economic growth and its impact on environmental sustainability.

At the heart of all KIS programs is the focus on the individual student. The educational ecosystem at KIS encourages students to pursue their passion. Teachers, staff and the school community provide the adequate learning support and resources to instill confidence in the student. Traditional classroom teaching and learning is only one aspect of a KIS education. Developing leaders the world needs extends far beyond diplomas, degrees and certificates. At KIS, we empower and inspire our students to become transformative leaders, caring humans and thoughtful ambassadors for a just, sustainable and peaceful world.