The Flag Green

Grade 12 Camp


From the famous doughboys to the heart-warming campfire, the 12th grade camp was one for the memories. The absence of water in the lake at first caused great discord amongst our class, but we slowly realised that camp was not about the activities but rather about the people. Spending time together and strengthening a bond, which is special as we go through this last year at High School. Our Camp was in many ways so significant for each one of us.

The exhilarating zip line although moving forward, only took us back to 9th grade when we first held its cold handle. The Intense volleyball matches, that concluded with the loser’s team serving juice to the winners. The “other side” of the lake where we gazed into the distance, or ran away from bison. All these memories have been engraved into the minds of every single classmate of mine, and I have had the pleasure of sharing it with them. I am sorry, the 12th grade camp isn’t one for the memories but rather one to experience…

-Rohan Sanjith, Class of 2018

From the Principal…

Greetings from Kodai! It is only a few days until graduation and this will be our last Flag Green of the year. The baccalaureate service is scheduled for this evening and the commencement is tomorrow. We are so proud of the Class of 2017 and we welcome their parents and friends up to Kodai for this important rite of passage!

From my perspective, here in my office right next to the Flag Green, it has been a remarkable year at KIS. Students and house parents have inhabited our “new” dorms for a full year; we’ve had more international field trips and exchanges than in any point in our school’s history- including our Grade 9 and 10 students bringing home the first-place trophy from the British English Olympiad in London; we’ve successfully completed our first three-programme IB accreditation; with the help of Kodai Friends, International (KFI) we have commenced a community-wide recycling and waste-management project (and we’re poised to accomplish even greater things with our active and supportive alumni base!); we’ve started The Flag Green news bulletin; our seniors have just finished their exams and I am confident that they will make us proud, both with their results as well as for when they pursue the next chapter of their lives.

Whatever our successes as a school, what is truly important is the growth and learning of each one of our students. What matters, ultimately, is that “our students depart from KIS with the vision, knowledge, compassion, and cross-cultural understanding to be thoughtful, caring, and transformative individuals who strive to create a just, sustainable, and peaceful world.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading The Flag Green bulletin this semester and we look forward to starting it back up in July. I’d especially like to thank Renee McLeod (Class of 2013), Rohit Benjamin (Class of 2008), and our Admissions Coordinator, Ms. Alika Khosla, for their work in bringing The FG to you on a regular basis.

Have a great summer!

Mr. Corey


KIS Senior Management Team 2016 – 2017

Grade 8 Fundraiser


The Grade 8 students, in connection to their RE unit “Social Injustice and the Bible,” worked on projects that sought to highlight social issues, both within our local Kodaikanal context and the rest of the world. Students did this by making short documentaries and advertisements on issues like the prevalence of the caste system in certain communities, and medical poverty, which focused on the lack of medical facilities and resources for people from lower economic backgrounds.


In addition to this, there were other students who opted to raise funds for different NGOs around the world, like the UNHRC, Samaritan’s Purse, Teach for India, Smile Foundation, Child Rights and You (CRY), Saath Chalo, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), and Mercy Home. They did this by setting up stalls in Ganga campus and sold a variety of food, drinks, hand-made crafts, and even had face-painting. The Grade 8 students outdid themselves with their fundraising efforts – in total, our students were able to raise Rs. 43,500/- in donations and profits from their sales!

We hope that this project has inspired our students to think big. When this project was first introduced to the class, it seemed like a daunting and impossible task to coordinate and execute; however, in the words of Ann Landers, “Opportunities are often disguised as hard work.” We are proud of our students, their determination and their hard work towards this project, and wish them the best as they strive to be caring, courageous and reflective learners.

-Abigail Paul

Staff Exhibition

A small exhibit featuring staff paintings, batiks, quilting, poetry, music, and other forms of artistic expression is currently being held in the KMU. We are justifiably proud of our talented faculty! Enjoy:

Grade 10 graduates from the MYP!
Introducing our new STUDCO Council


As the newly elected StudCo Executive team, we would firstly like to thank the student body for entrusting us to lead the school and bridge the gap between the faculty and students. We as StudCo have immediately begun working towards making our school a better place for students and teachers alike. Our goal is to make the students’ lives as enjoyable as possible and we hope to continue with our progress right from the beginning of next semester!

– The Student Council

Monkey Menace

Here’s a video by the 5th grade on how to stop the monkey menace in Kodaikanal.
They’ve worked extremely hard to portray what we’re going through today and deserve our appreciation.
Good on you, kids! You make us proud!

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