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Our hearts are full!

It was so much fun to be with the students and hearing about their plans. The future is definitely in good hands! We were invited to a dance put on by the students – they even included some 60s music. And they seemed happy to have us participate, dancing with them and each other. If you are even remotely thinking about having a reunion in Kodai, my only advice is: DO IT! You will have the time of your life.

My experience at Field Day 2019

The day we all met down on Bendy, after ten whole years, I realized that nothing had changed. Catching up on these ten years took less time than talking about school, and memories which were so vivid, seemed like just yesterday.

The science of curiosity and hard work

From the moment of the first meeting till the end of the final presentations, the enthusiasm and zeal for such an interdisciplinary project were evident in students and teachers alike.

Celebrating the achievements of the past year

Academic excellence is a hallmark of the KIS education and formally recognizing that standard is a moment for our whole community to appreciate the discipline, hard work and determination of our students.

Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit

From the first day, the LaunchX club has given me so much, it’s hard to put in to words. LaunchX is a global platform for high school students to learn how a real-world company is created and furthermore, an opportunity to build their own, teaching them the dynamic aspects of entrepreneurship.

A platform for admiration and appreciation

The Golden KIS Awards is an annual fundraising event arranged and hosted by the National Honor Society (NHS). It truly is a spectacular event that brings together the entire KIS community, to recognize several extraordinary people, who are the life and backbone of the community.

Dramatizing stories of love, loss and hope

Whether it was a scene of bursting humor or an emotion-filled, heart-touching dialogue, these actors really put their heart, soul and of course, loud voices into this performance!

KIS Cook-Off 2019: Cooking up a sweet aroma

The KIS Cook-Off was a one-of-a-kind event for the KIS community, which brought together students, staff and parents. Teams of 5 were given one hour to make one main dish and one dessert, using only the ingredients and stove provided at the venue.

Women empowerment and eco-feminism in the Palani Hills

The workshop was designed to include lectures and interactive sessions on a variety of topics, ranging from Financial Literacy to Climate Change. The workshop included a nature trail to the Bombay Shola, where they were introduced to native trees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

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