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KIS Class of 2014

KIS Class of 2014

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Principal’s Message

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Principal, Corey Stixrud with the 2014 Student Council

Principal, Corey Stixrud with the 2014 Student Council

Our heartiest congratulations to the graduating class of 2014. They have been a great class and we know that they will make all of us exceedingly proud as they leave Kodai and spread out across the world.  The entire commencement weekend was an apt celebration of this class’s time here at Kodai, mingled with sadness at saying farewell to these fine young people and to their families. Many parents expressed the sentiment that they, too, now feel like Kodai alumni because of the attachments they’ve developed with our amazing school. Following are some thoughts that I shared with our graduates and their families at the commencement ceremony:

“We’ve gathered here today to mark and to celebrate an important rite of passage for our graduates, who have studied at KIS for two, three, four, five, and up to thirteen years of their lives, and who have made it through all the courses, all the requirements, all the exams, in short all the ups and downs of academia, and who are now poised on the brink of adulthood before embarking on even greater and far ranging adventures beyond these classroom walls, beyond the bounds of the campus and the town of Kodai. It is a sad time but it is also an exciting time, a joyful time, a time of hope and of great expectations for you and your families.

Careers & College

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Sangeetha George, Careers & College Advisor, making final cap adjustments before graduation

Sangeetha George, Careers & College Advisor, making final cap adjustments before graduation

To the Class of 2014,

Last year this time there was a whole array of emotions going through me because the Class of 2013 had just graduated and they were the ones who helped me transition so smoothly to KIS when I first joined. I didn’t know what life would be like without them here and how in the world was I going to start working with a class of 108 students who I hardly knew. That’s when Eric, your class sponsor thought it would be a great idea for me to join you for your field trip. In fact he didn’t even give me a choice and said this would be an amazing opportunity to get to know each of you. I was cynical initially but decided to go on the trip and in hindsight I know for a fact Eric couldn’t have been more right. What an experience that trip was and it started a journey that I will never ever forget. The myriad of emotions while completing countless number of college applications, frustrations with personal statements written and rewritten so many times, the contentment of sending applications, all the innumerable tactics used to find predicted grades and the peals of laughter and excitement on being accepted. Before I knew it both the CAREERS offices were filled with students all day long seriously working on completing college documents, listening to different genres of music, finding a quiet corner because they needed a place to get away from it all and breathe or even a 2 minute visit to say hello and get a pat on the back or hug.


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